How To Earn Gems in Hungry Shark Evolution and World

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Hungry Shark Evolution and World feature a premium currency called Gems which can be used to unlock sharks & baby sharks, revive dead sharks, unlock items, purchase maps, and so forth. As expected, grinding to get Gems could be very time-consuming and extremely tough compared to the Gold Coins. There are actually several ways you can possibly earn Gems in Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World, let’s check them out.

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Eating Particular Creatures During Gameplay

There are some creatures in the gameplay which possibly provide you with Gems as you eat them. The high possibilities are featured in but not limited to Gemfish, Giant Crab, Exotic Birds, Shark Men, The King of Summer, etc. Giant Crab can provides up to five gems while Gemfishes always carry one gem and health recovery property. So, if you see these particular creatures in the gameplay, don’t miss them.

Eating Man-Made Transportation

You can eat humans and possibly get Gems. The same thing goes to when your shark eats Paraglider. It doesn’t matter what shark you’re using, you can catch those Paragliders but we don’t say it would be easy. Planes could be the Gems sources as well, especially the small planes which flying lower on the water. A Jetpack would be helpful for several types of shark to catch these things. Whenever you have a chance, just grab them with your shark’s mouth. 

Destroying Fishing Boats

One gem will be rewarded to you for each small fishing boat you’ve destroyed during game sessions. However, only several sharks can perform this action including Megalodon, Alan, Mr. Snappy, and Big Daddy. Smaller sharks won’t be able to destroy the boats, they should avoid it and focus on the prey instead.


During the game session, you may find sunken treasures along the way. Most people tend to ignore these treasures especially when the Gold Rush is on. However, don’t miss them as these sunken treasures some times contain Gems. Any sharks can collect the sunken treasures so take any chances crossing at your path.

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Stream The Ads and Daily Login Bonus

You can watch advertisement videos and be rewarded by one gem but they’re not always available all the time. On the other hand, if you can consistently log in to Hungry Shark Evolution in five days consecutively, you’ll get five diamonds as your reward. So, don’t miss your daily login and gain a fixed amount of Gems.

Facebook Page Like

By liking the Facebook page of Hungry Shark Evolution, you’ll get five Gems as the reward. However, it’s a one-time reward that can’t be repeated but it’s okay to collect them as it only takes seconds to perform.

In-App Purchases

If you don’t have that patience and time to grind through the game sessions, you may consider purchasing gems with real money. This is the only way you can account Gems at a significant amount instantly so you can unlock sharks and maps way sooner than casual grinding. However, it should be noted that the Gems package can be so expensive.

How To Earn Gems in Hungry Shark Evolution and World
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How To Earn Gems in Hungry Shark Evolution and World
In Hungry Shark World and Evolution are actually several ways you can possibly earn Gems. Learn more about how to earn free gems.
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