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Hungry Shark Evolution Hack & World Hack - Free Gems & Coins Cheats Tool 2019

Generate unlimited number of gems and coins to your hungry shark evolution and world game version!

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Read More About Hungry Shark Versions - Short Review

Playing as a hungry shark and eating anything in its path is a phenomenal excitement offered by Hungry Shark game. It was formerly known as Hungry Shark Evolution but you can now find them in Google Play Store with a name of Hungry Shark World. Are they the same game?

Yes, they are and Ubisoft Entertainment developed both of them. Don’t get confused with the terms as hungry shark world is actually the sequel of Hungry Shark Evolution. They have similar gameplay but you’ll find extensive developments on the features, graphics, mechanism, and other game elements in Hungry Shark World. This article is a review about the two games in a slight comparison perspective on both versions.

Hungry Shark World Hack is Working Only on iOS and Android

Hungry Shark World features gameplay where you’re virtually controlling a massive shark to prey on whatever creatures throughout your path both in the sea and the land. These include fishes, birds, various sea creatures, humans, and even man-made structures. The objective of the ios gameplay is to eat them as many as you can without time limit. The longer you play, the higher the score multiplier you’ll earn throughout the hungry shark world hack 2019.

However, it’s not always an easy task to prey on those creatures the longer you, the gameplay gets more fast-paced, trickier, and of course more difficult. You won’t see the increased level in your screen only score and time but it would drive your thumbs and exhaust them over time. Not only score but you can also get Gold while playing hungry shark world. Your shark will be accompanied by pets you can purchase in the game. You can only prey on creatures in your path while the surrounded area is another location or map you can unlock by purchasing it with currencies.

Your success would also depend on the shark you’re using. Both Hungry Shark World and Hungry Shark Evolution on android and ios, the offers various shark with different Speed, Bite, and Boost stats to purchase. After several sessions, you’ll be able to upgrade your Shark and get a longer trip and more preying numbers. It should be noted that your shark can only eat creatures on its diet and some of them require minimum shark levels to prey on. As long as the multiplier is active, your  sharks can eat the creatures consecutively and get the maximum score.

hungry shark free gems and coins

Gain Free Gems and Coins by Hungry Shark Hack Apk 2019

There are two in-game currencies in hungry shark hacks universe including Gold Coins and Gems. The in-game currencies are consumed to upgrade your shark, buy pets, make up the shark appearance, and simply buy a bigger, more powerful sharks. Gold Coins is a standard currency which you can use to buy standard items and upgrade your shark. Gems are the premium currency consumed to redeem premium items. You can only unlock a new map or location with gems.

Download Evolution and World Hungry Shark Mod Apk

You can get both Gold coins and Gems throughout the gameplay. The golden creatures will provide you with a certain amount of Gold coins. In a rare opportunity, you might find those Gem Fishes and Gem Birds which allows you to earn Gems into your account. Eating human structures and transportation may also provide you with Gems. As expected, Gems are harder to earn but in our perspective, their existence during a hungry shark world mod apk session is quite fair as you’re allowed to grind them and improve gaming progress. There are some tasks which can be completed to bank more Gold coins into your account. These include when your session is long enough, preying on Good Junk, contests or events, and completing Hungry Rush, Gold Rush, Mega Gold Rush, and other missions. In other hands, Gem Birds and Gemfish can also be earned by opening standard and mystery chests, winning the contests, and so forth.

Major Differences of Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World

Ubisoft and Future Games of London have applied some improvements and changes in hungry shark world. If you have played hungry shark evolution hack before without glitch, bugs, tool, no human verification, no survey, you may recognize the differences as soon as you open the game. We note some major changes when hungry shark evolution turns into Hungry Shark World including graphic & designs, shark character, and explorations. Grinding can be tough and time-consuming. Even though you can play the game without spending any penny, you may consider financing your play in hungry shark evolution apk. You can buy Gems and Gold coins with real-life currencies through in-app purchases. Sometimes, there are special offers where you can get Gold coins and Gems at a competitive price.

Hungry Shark Mod Apk Features 2019

Hungry Shark World & Evolution mod apk features significant graphical improvements for sure. Both the environment and sharks have a more decent design. The World version features a full  3D graphic instead of cartoony animation featured in hungry shark evolution. The movements are featured with a higher FPS for sure which also has slightly consequences to the controls. We would say it “more responsive” but you may find it a little bit weird especially if you get used to the Evolution’s controls. Some twitching gestures in the hungry shark evolution ios are now very hard to perform but indeed you’ll enjoy a more realistic movement in the hungry shark world ios. This could be the major difference between two as you can now enjoy a deeper and beautiful sea in the sequel. It enlivens the gameplay and engages you to play longer even though your hands already sweaty. This beautiful setting is also explorable depending on the shark you’re using though.

Hungry Shark World has a staged gaming mechanism which is absent in the hungry shark evolution mod apk. There are maps or areas which can only be accessed by sharks at a certain level or stage. The same thing is also applied to the diet mechanism which classifies preys based on shark dietary properties. For example, if you’re using S Sharks, then you can’t prey on larger creatures or structures so you’ll need to buy L, XL or larger sharks. There are three stages including Pacific Island, Arctic Ocean, and the Arabian Sea. Each stage has a different environment, unique creatures & structures, tasks, and other elements. You’ll need to collect higher tier sharks to access the Arctic Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Grinding through hungry shark evolution cheats for android sessions would finally unlock all the stages but patience is highly demanded.

Learn How To Get Free Unlimited Gems and Coins

If you’ve found that hungry shark evolution apk had limited shark collection, the World version has seven size categories of shark including extra small(XS), small(S), medium(M), Large(L), extra large(XL), extra extra large(XXL), and “!!” sharks. There are three to four sharks in each category. Most of them refer to real-world sharks including Blacktip Reef Shark, Blue Shark, Smooth Hammerhead, Bull Shark, Megamouth Shark, Tiger Shark, Megalodon, etc. There also fictional sharks like Zombie shark and Robo Shark. Even though the two versions feature the same gameplay, Hungry Shark World seems to have a more fast-paced one. There are more preys throughout your path and tempo is faster than its predecessor. The World’s environment is more dynamic which demand you to be more concentrate on your screen and controls.

It Is So Easy To Use For Everyone

In Hungry Shark Evolution, you only found Gold Rush where you’re literally Rushing for the Gold coins. In Hungry Shark World, you’ll find two brand new rush missions called Mega Gold Rush and Hungry Rush. Mega Gold Rush takes three times longer than the generic Gold Rush which means you can get more Gold coins. We agree that grinding through the game sessions are extremely tough for both Evolution and World version but these new Rushes give a plus to the successor.

Key Features of Hungry Shark Cheats for World and Evolution Version

Hungry Shark Worlds has some key features which make it the best shark game franchise. These include the locations, shark collections, upgrades, customization, etc, let’s check them below. Explore the virtual ocean is very exciting and there are four different locations you can enjoy while preying on creatures in cheats for hungry shark world unlimited coin. Throughout the gameplay, you sharks can eat everything including aquatic, non-aquatic creatures, and even man-made structures & transportation. There is also a range of missions to complete and you can check your progress in the leaderboards.

hungry shark how to earn free gems
November 13, 2019

How To Earn Gems in Hungry Shark Evolution and World

Hungry Shark Evolution and World feature a premium currency called Gems which can be used to unlock sharks & baby sharks, revive dead sharks, unlock items, purchase maps, and so forth. As expected, grinding to get Gems could be very time-consuming and extremely tough compared to the Gold Coins. There are actually several ways you can possibly earn Gems in Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World, let’s check them out. Generate free gems via

hungry shark gold rush
October 28, 2019

Triad Rushes in Hungry Shark World: Gold Rush, Mega Gold Rush, and Hungry Rush

When Hungry Shark Evolution evolved into Hungry Shark World, the developed maintained the Gold Rush mode and add two more Rushes including Mega Gold Rush and Hungry Rush. So, you can enjoy triad Rushes in Hungry Shark World which to some extent, ease the tough grinding in the universe. It should be noted that they’re not standalone game modes, they contextually appear in and being a part of Hungry Shark World gameplay. Gold Rush Gold